Ethics in Tech


  7 lessons       1:20 hour   5            (1)

Ethics in Tech


  7 lessons       1:20 hour   5            (1)

Course outline


You will be introduced to selections of classical moral and political philosophy, which provides a critical vocabulary for discussing a broad range of concerns that have animated the emerging field of tech and ethics.

This course is created by Zaio, The courses offered on the Weave platform will provide you with the building blocks you need to make the decision of pursuing a career path in Tech. This course by Zaio does not provide NQF Accreditation, to access NQF Level 5 certification contact

A short assessment of 8 questions follows this course, an 75% pass rate is required to earn the certificate (note: the assessment needs to be completed in full without breaks).

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Ethics pt.1

    • Responsibility and accountability when writing code
    • Skills and Competence
    • Moral standard

Lesson 2: Ethics pt.2

    • Professional bodies in South Africa

Lesson 3: Codes of practice

    • Difference between a conduct and practice
    • Reasoning behind security and privacy issues

Lesson 4: Security & privacy

    • Codes of practise with regards to System Development

Lesson 5: Intentions of the Charter

    • Intentions of the Charter
    • Software Privacy
    • Types of Piracy

Lesson 6: Code of ethics

    • Intentions of the Charter
    • BBBEE


Back in the 50s, software developing and coding was mostly done by women, however, the tech space is male dominated today. Women only make up 20% of IT software engineering graduates, even though women earn 33% more income in IT related jobs in comparison to traditional roles.

Role models

Ethel Cofie, EDEL Technology Consulting Founder & CEO

Ethel, founder of Women in Tech, aims to promote diversity within the computer programming industry, particularly among African girls. She is one of the Top Five Women affecting IT in Africa, according to Forbes.

Sewagodimo Matlapeng, Indoni Developers & Buza Answers Founder

Sewagodimo has a strong passion for people, and is focused on unlocking Africa's tech potential. She founded Indoni Developers, which focuses on mentorship, skills development and opportunity in software development.

Emma Dicks, CodeSpace Founder & Director

Emma is passionate about tech education, and entrepreneurship, having established projects focused at enabling and improving communities. She was awarded The Queens Young Leaders Award which is given to people who are using their skill to improve their communities.