Learning Methods


  6 lessons       51 minutes   5            (3)

Learning Methods


  6 lessons       51 minutes   5            (3)

Course outline


This short introduction to whole brain learning will help you discover the power of your brain and how to use both hemispheres of your brain to become a more effective learner. The short introduction includes helpful tips and tricks to improve your long-term memory, create an effective studying environment and to tackle exams with confidence.

This course is created by Study To Thrive, studytothrive.com.

A short assessment of 10 questions follows this course, an 80% pass rate is required to earn the certificate (note: the assessment needs to be completed in full without breaks).

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Introduction

    • In this lesson you will discover your biggest challenge and begin to open your mind to unlock the genius within.

Lesson 2: Whole Brain Learning

    • In this lesson you will learn the difference between the left and right hemisphere and how to develop both for greater learning and thinking.

Lesson 3: Hacks for better learning

    • In this lesson you will explore how higher order thinking happens and how to hack your brain and body for better learning.

Lesson 4Memory

    • Continuing from the introduction to memory in the previous lessons you will learn a helpful mnemonic you can easily use to remember anything with ease.

Lesson 5: Exam techniques and managing anxiety

    • In this lesson you will learn about the ideal conditions for your studying environment, how to read examination questions correctly and how to manage any examination anxiety for greater success.


Learning how to learn is currently one of the most relevant skills for the 21st Century. In the ever changing world, speedily acquiring new skills and knowledge has become the only sustainable competitive advantage. Using the approaches taught by this course, you will improve your ability to understand the content being learned and minimise frustrations.

Role models

Erika Andersen, Author & Founding Partner of Proteus International

"The ability to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and continually is crucial to success in a world of rapid change."

Barbara Oakley, PhD. Writer, Educator & Engineer

“There is a deep connection between technical, scientific, and artistic creativity.” A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science

Rita Emmett, Professional Speaker, Consultant & Author

“The dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself.”