Basic First Aid


  6 lessons       43 minutes   4.91            (11)

Basic First Aid


  6 lessons       43 minutes   4.91            (11)

Course outline


It’s a simple fact that a practical knowledge of first aid can save lives. An accident or a serious medical situation can happen at any time and anywhere. The importance of training in CPR and First Aid can never be reiterated enough. With most cases of cardiac arrests, near drownings and injuries occurring in the home, knowing these techniques could save a life as you wait for professional assistance to arrive.

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A short assessment of 10 questions follows this course, an 80% pass rate is required to earn the certificate (note: the assessment needs to be completed in full without breaks).

What you'll learn

Lesson 1: Introduction to basic first aid

    • Basic first aid is about providing help until the professionals arrive. This introductory lesson discusses how and when first aid should be used.

Lesson 2: First aid in the home

    • This lesson looks at the type of injuries that can occur at home. We’ll show you some of the dangers and what to do when faced with a sudden accident in the home.

Lesson 3: First aid out of the home

    • There are many dangers outside your home. This lesson looks at those dangers, and how to do first aid when faced with an accident away from home.

Lesson 4: First aid and road accidents - Part 1

    • We focus on the experience of being in a car accident, and what you can do until professional help arrives.

Lesson 5: First aid and road accidents - Part 2

    • In this lesson, we’ll continue looking at road accidents. We highlight the importance of keeping calm, and what you can do to help if you are involved in a car accident.


First aid is a very important tool that can help one to respond quickly to accidents and prevent injuries from worsening or ending in death. These are essential skills to have when working with children or the elderly especially. Research shows that up to 150 000 people die unnecessarily because of a lack of first aid knowledge. Research also found that only 5% of adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations.

Role models

Dr Lindiwe Sidali, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Dr Lindiwe has been a doctor for over 10 years and recently become South Africa’s first African female cardiothoracic surgeon in the country. Her qualifications are Doctor of Medicine – Cuba (equivalent to MBCHB); and Fellowship of Cardiothoracic Surgery (SA).

Dr Natalia Novikova, Aesthetic Gynaecologist

Dr Natalia Novikova is South Africa's first aesthetic gynaecologist and offers innovative treatments for common yet often misunderstood conditions. She has a PhD in infection and preterm birth and has headed up the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Dr Ncumisa Jilata, Neurosurgeon

Dr Ncumisa Jilata is Africa's youngest neurosurgeon. She has been praised by President Ramaphosa for her ground breaking work and for inspiring many young Africans.